The use of ISELI filtering systems for cooling lubricants, oils and water enables optimum machining results and reduces costs in your company. The service life of cutting and grinding emulsions is measurably extended and coolants can be returned to the production process in perfect condition at all times. This increases tool life and improves the quality of the surface of the workpiece and of its grinding. The wear of pumps, sliding tracks and rotary couplings is significantly reduced and your employees are also protected against harmful agents.

We will be happy to advise you and work out a customized offer with regard to the cleaning tasks, space conditions or installation site and machine periphery.


Compact unit for treating all types of coolants and other process fluids. This centrifuge is particularly suitable for filtration of difficult media, such as the separation of ultra-fine particles or for purifying liquids with a lot of or very heavy sludge.

Advantage: Turbo centrifuges do not require additional filters; the sludge is separated mechanically.


Our turbo filter systems are complete solutions to your problems. They are designed and built according to customer's requirements. Turbo-filter systems are used for the treatment of cooling lubricants on individual machine tools or as central systems for entire machine groups.