Tipping / Swaging

Today wood bandsaw blades are almost always tipped using automatic tipping equipment. The two most imporant methods are resistance welding and plasma welding. With both methods, the steel must always be tempered immediately after ipping. Tempering can be carried out in various ways, including using high-frequency induction, passing it through the passing it through the plasma arc for a second time, or using a gas jet depending on the type of machine, price range, etc.

Resitance welding with ISELI equipment

Automatic tipping machines that operate on resistance welding principle heat up the steel in the tooth tip and a small bit of wear-resistant material using a low voltage current with high intensity. Both materials begin to glow almost immediately, and are then pressed togehter and thus welded. The high temperature softens the materials without melting them, which means that a newly tipped tooth point is never contaminated by the underlying steel


Manual stellite tipping machine for band, gang and circular saw blades


Semi-automatic machine for stellite-tipping band-, circular and gang saw blades


Fully automatic stellite tipping machine for equipping of the saw teeth

ISELI Stellite T12 - Original

Original Stellit rods for ISELI machines


Fully automatic, hydraulic controlled swaging machine for band saw blades

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