Vision / mission statement

We design the grinding room 4.0!

At ISELI, we develop products in our niche market for machining the saw blades of today and tomorrow. Our innovative strength, the use of new technologies and our customization expertise make us the leading supplier in this field.


  • We at ISELI see ourselves as an innovative, competent partner for the processing of saw blades in the international woodworking and metalworking industry.
  • The reinforcement of innovation through the further development of the product portfolio as well as through the development of customer-specific solutions.
  • Consistently improving the quality of our products and services. Quality is when the customer comes back
  • Strengthening and expanding the worldwide sales network in the main business areas by adding business partners and service points in order to be even closer to our customers.
  • Further development of SystRegeltechnik through the use of state-of-the-art system components and well-trained specialist personnel



Our strength lies in the processing of saw blades. We are able to produce single as well as serial products. The products are characterized by precision, quality and prices in line with the market. We offer our customers innovative and solid technical solutions to problems and are able to cope with demanding tasks.

Technology partner

Suppliers are our partners. For the production of complex parts, with special machining processes, we work with efficient partners. The goal is long-term partnerships based on trust. Through constructive cooperation, quality, flexibility and costs are continuously optimized, thus strengthening our offer.


Employees are our most valuable asset. That is why we strengthen the key qualifications of our employees by promoting continuing professional development. We are committed to supporting young professionals within the framework of vocational training.


We maintain good relationships with new and long-standing customers. We search for the best solution for our customers on a partnership and needs-oriented basis. In doing so, we strive for long-term cooperation based on mutual trust. We pay special attention to the wishes of our customers. Within the scope of our possibilities, we always strive to fulfill them.


Quality determines our thoughts and actions. In our efforts to constantly improve, we count on our committed employees. Within the scope of our possibilities, we are committed to the protection of our environment and comply with legal requirements. We use resources, such as the materials we process, efficiently. We use auxiliary materials such as oils, lubricants and other chemical products in a targeted and economical manner. We dispose of waste via qualified companies. We pay attention to the careful handling of operating resources and the use of legally and operationally prescribed protective measures.

Further development

We are a medium-sized company and want to remain so. At the same time, we are constantly optimizing our company size. We are open to the use of new technologies and processing techniques. We carry out public relations work within the scope of our possibilities. We strive for sufficient profit to secure the future of our company, for investments and the formation of risk capital.