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ISELI with new extended global partnerships

Strong relationships with reputable companies around the globe have been a part of ISELI’s focus on quality and customer satisfaction.These strategic partnerships enable ISELI to maintain and develop its leading position worldwide.

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ISELI takes over sharpening machine sector for band saw blades from VOLLMER

From the 1st January 2019, ISELI, swiss producer of processing and sharpening machines for band saw, gang saw and circular saw blades, will support the product line „wood-cutting band saws“ from VOLLMER, in Biberach an der Riß. With this takeover, the swiss family business is building its extensive machine program for processing and sharpening machines band saw blades.

With the acquisition of VOLLMER´s product range „wood-cutting band saw“, ISELI is from the 1st of January taking over all rights of use and marketing for this product range, which ISELI, with its wide portfolio of semi and fully automatic NC controlled processing machines, is already offering the world´s largest machine program.

With even more performance in expansion strategy, Philipp Iseli, managing director, commented: „By taking this step and with the required investment, we are first of all strengthening our technical expertise for manufacturers of tools, service providers as well as sawmills who put a very high value in having the perfect cut. Furthermore, this step is a long-term assurance for companies which are following us on the global market“.



  • Designed for the fully automatic new toothing of bandsaw blades with the deep-grinding stack process
  • Extra heavy welded construction in a space-saving compact design
  • The space-saving machine design allows for high ergonomics and excellent usability
  • Easy access for maintenance work to the electrical cabinet, coolant pump, pneumatics and extinguishing systems
  • Optimal, fast and safe programming and setup of saw parameters
  • Extra heavy welded construction in a space-saving compact design
  • The entire work process is programmed via the 3-axis CNC control system
  • All standard tooth shapes are supported thanks to a profiled special grinding wheel with diamond roller dressing system
  • The material feed, stack clamping and grinding wheel dressing are carried out automatically via a touch panel with self-explanatory operator guidance
  • The separation of the electrical area from the work area as well as few moving parts increase the maintenance friendliness and the longevity of the machine
  • Remote maintenance and remote diagnosis are possible without any problems via LAN / WLAN connection.
  • For easy equipping and retooling, the full guard of the area can be raised
ISELI Tiefschliffzentrum für den perfekten Paketschliff von Industriesägeblättern

Automatic loading system for circular saw blades with a 6-axis controlled industrial robot and 4 loading carriages

This robot-supported, automatic loading system for the use of an ISELI fully automatic top and face machine KHB 300 geometry grinding machine and / or an ISELI fully automatic KHF 300 side grinding machine streamlines the sharpening space effectively and sustainably.

ISELI Handlingsautomation für den Geometrie- und Flankenschliff von HM-Kreissägeblättern