Automatic welding machine for band saw blades


This tried-and-tested automatic welding machine is used for welding band saw blades by the MIG process and for repairing cracks in band saw blades. The ends of the saw blade are fixed to the welding bench by quick-release clamps. The automatic welding process then begins, whereby the torch is precision-guided over the entire blade width. The blade remains in position both for preheating and subsequent annealing. The temperature can be regulated and the annealing time is adjustable via a timer switch. 


  • MIG process; welding with inert gas
  • Solid welded frame construction. The machine is specially designed for seam welding at 90 ° angle, 75 ° and 60 °.
  • Flexible welding plate for welding of different angles: 90°, 75° and 60° Preheating and annealing on the same welding space
  • Temperature adjustable by Thermostat
  • A large GAS bottle is appropriate Located on the back of the machine
Blade width:up to 320 mm
Blade thickness:0.7 - 2.1 mm
Welding wire Ø:0.8 mm
Welding tension:15 - 24 V
Welding current:25 - 200 A
Table length:1500 mm
Table height:950 mm
Tension:230/400 V, 50Hz
Power:12.7 kW


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