Measuring, stellite tipping, straightening, tensioning, levelling, swaging and sharpening: These are the keys in the field of precision machining of band and gang saw!

Modular solutions from ISELI effectively realize these key factors with state-of-the-art machine and system control technology. With maximum productivity, they ensure that a saw shop is more profitable at manufacturers of tools, service providers as well as for sawmills With the world´s largest machine program for band and gang saws we set standards for precision, reliability and efficiency. Our modular machine solutions realize these key factors effectively and practically and ensure lasting product quality and cost advantage !

Band saws are highly sensitive. If maintained incorrectly, they may break. The reason for this is that band saws are subject to a constant bending cycle. This can cause hairline cracks to form in the tooth gullet, the area of highest tensile stress. If the saw is not resharpened on time, these cracks grow and cause breakages. To prevent this, the whole profile, i.e. all of the teeth (irrespective of their shape), of band saws made of CV steel and stellited band saws must be regularly resharpened – even when the usual degree of bluntness has not been reached in some places.

BNT 100

Fully automatic deep-grinding production center for bandsaw blades

ISELI BNT 100, Vollautomatisches Produktionszentrum


  • Designed for the fully automatic new toothing of bandsaw blades with the deep-grinding stack process
  • Extra heavy welded construction in a space-saving compact design
  • The space-saving machine design allows for high ergonomics and excellent usability
  • Easy access for maintenance work to the electrical cabinet, coolant pump, pneumatics and extinguishing systems
  • Optimal, fast and safe programming and setup of saw parameters
  • Extra heavy welded construction in a space-saving compact design
  • The entire work process is programmed via the 3-axis CNC control system
  • All standard tooth shapes are supported thanks to a profiled special grinding wheel with diamond roller dressing system
  • The material feed, stack clamping and grinding wheel dressing are carried out automatically via a touch panel with self-explanatory operator guidance
  • The separation of the electrical area from the work area as well as few moving parts increase the maintenance friendliness and the longevity of the machine
  • Remote maintenance and remote diagnosis are possible without any problems via LAN / WLAN connection.
  • For easy equipping and retooling, the full guard of the area can be raised

Technical components

  • Ergonomically positioned control unit with 15" color display
  • Touch screen with Windows-based interface
  • All axes are equipped with high-strength linear roller guides for guaranteed high stability
  • Safe servo drives according to EN 62061 SIL3 / EN ISO 13849-1 PLe
  • Electronic cabinet with integrated ventilation
  • Extremely powerful, hydraulic precision-clamping of the blades
  • Pressure controlled pneumatic system
  • Pressure-controlled hydraulic system
  • Automatic central lubrication for reduced maintenance requirements
  • Equipped with cleaning kit and a wide range of tools
Tooth geometry:Optional, special dressing disc
Tooth pitch:1.0 – 12.0 mm
Tooth height1 – 3.8 mm
Rake angleup to 15°
Blade width5 – 30 mm
Stack size:up to 12 mm
Number of bandsawsup to 20
Hydraulic clamping of saw blade stack120 bar (16.5kN)
Grinding wheel Ø:380 - 500 mm
Grinding wheel bore Ø:203 mm
Drive power grinding motor22 kW
Grinding spindle Ø160 mm
Belt drive gear ratio1:2
Electrical connection:400V 3Ph 50Hz
Compressed air connection:6 bar

CNC Achsen




Zustellschlitten Schleifkopf


Zustellung Profiliervorrichtung

  • Reel system for up to 20 coil
  • Cooling water treatment system