Grinding machine for band saw blades

MVM SX 80 Bandsägenblätter-Schleifmaschine

The new band saw blade grinding machine is designed to sharpen band saw blades for wood, bimetallic band saw blades for metals, band saw blades with hard-metal teeth, and special band blades for plastics or food. The SX80 can also be used to sharpen variable pitch band saws. The SX 80 can reduce grinding times and delivers a high quality grind, lengthening the working life of band saw blades.



  • Robust cast-iron main machine housing
  • All gears housed in an oil bath (10 kg)
  • Vibration-free band saw movement
  • Sensitive controls for high precision adjustment
  • Speed regulator
  • Cooling system
  • CBN grinding wheel
Bandsaw width8-80 mm
Tooth pitch1-30 mm
Bandsaw thickness0,4-2 mm
Grinding motor power0,50 kW
Feed motor0,50 kW
Cooling pump motor0,06 kW
Feed speed9-10 teeth/min
Grinding wheel diameter150 mm
Grinding wheel centre hole size  20 mm
Net weight310 kg
Dimensions1000 mm
1400 mm
Height2000 mm
3200 mm