Measuring, stellite tipping, straightening, tensioning, levelling, swaging and sharpening: These are the keys in the field of precision machining of band and gang saw!

Modular solutions from ISELI effectively realize these key factors with state-of-the-art machine and system control technology. With maximum productivity, they ensure that a saw shop is more profitable at manufacturers of tools, service providers as well as for sawmills With the world´s largest machine program for band and gang saws we set standards for precision, reliability and efficiency. Our modular machine solutions realize these key factors effectively and practically and ensure lasting product quality and cost advantage !

Band saws are highly sensitive. If maintained incorrectly, they may break. The reason for this is that band saws are subject to a constant bending cycle. This can cause hairline cracks to form in the tooth gullet, the area of highest tensile stress. If the saw is not resharpened on time, these cracks grow and cause breakages. To prevent this, the whole profile, i.e. all of the teeth (irrespective of their shape), of band saws made of CV steel and stellited band saws must be regularly resharpened – even when the usual degree of bluntness has not been reached in some places.


Manual stellite tipping machine for band, gang and circular saw blades


The basic equipment does not include any centering devices for band-, circular and gang saw blades, neither the central height adjusting device for saw blades.

  • Blade feed, stellite cutting & annealing process manually
  • Equipment for annealing with gas
  • Gear motor for feed of annealing
  • 1 Stellite holder for round stellite (Standard: Ø 5.0 mm)
  • Welding transformer 300 A
  • 1 set of Tools


  • DIN EN ISO 12100:2010
    Safety of machinery, general principles for design
  • DIN EN 60204-1:2014-10
    Safety of machinery, electrical equipment of machines
  • DIN EN 13857:2008-06
    Safety of machinery, safety distances
  • DIN EN 13218:2002+A1:2004+AC:2010
    Tool machines, safety for stationary grinding machines
Blade thickness:0,8 - 3,2 mm
Band saw 
Tooth pitch:13 - 115 mm
Blade length:from 5'500 mm
Blade width:80 - 300 mm
Circular saw 
Circular saw diameter:Ø 250 – 1000 mm
Bore:Ø 22 - 210 mm
Gang saw / Frame saw 
Toothed length:up to 1500 mm
Blade width:80 – 180 mm
  • Central height adjustment of saw blades
  • Equipment for band, circular and gang saw blades
  • Equipment for double toothed (twin cut) saw blades
  • Loading system