Fully automatic, hydraulic controlled swaging machine for band and frame saw blades

ISELI STA, Vollautomatische hydraulisch gesteuerte Stauchmaschine


  • Automatic swaging and shaping process in one operation
  • Short setting time
  • High precision
  • Great economic viability
  • Operation by touch screen
  • Easy to operate
  • Hydraulic control
  • Central height adjustment of the saw blades
  • 1 set of Tools


  • DIN EN ISO 12100:2010
    Safety of machinery, general principles for design
  • DIN EN 60204-1:2014-10
    Safety of machinery, electrical equipment of machines
  • DIN EN 13857:2008-06
    Safety of machinery, safety distances
  • DIN EN 13218:2002+A1:2004+AC:2010
    Tool machines, safety for stationary grinding machines


Swaging saw teeth is another possibility, along with setting, for ensuring that the bandsaw can cut freely during machining. For the swaging process, a swaging bolt is placed in front of the saw tooth. The saw tooth is held in place with an anvil. 

By turning the eccentric swaging bolt, the sawing material is pushed towards the tooth tip. When the swaging process has ended, the swaging bolt turns back to its starting position.

Leveling takes place after swaging, i.e. the material which was pushed towards the tooth flanks is pressed together with the appropriate equalizing jaws, so that the tooth tip is conically tapered downwards and backwards. As the swaged saw tooth works on the entire kerf width, it carries out the same work which would be carried out by two teeth on a set saw. The cutting power is increased thanks to the greater number of main and minor cutting edges. In addition, the hardness grade of the base material is increased thanks to the swaging process.

Tooth pitch: 18 - 76 mm
Tooth height: from 10 mm
Clearance angle: 5 - 28°
Front rake angle: 5° - 35°
Shaping fences-clearance angle: 5 or 8°
Band saw blades  
Blade width standard: 80 - 360 mm (standard)
  from 50 mm (option)
Blade length: from 5'300 mm
Gang / frame saw blades  
Toothed length: up to 1'500 mm 
Blade width: 75 - 180 mm
Working speed: up to 6 t/min.
Power requirements: 400V 3Ph N, 50Hz, 3,0kVA
Air connection: 6 bar (only for automatic lubrication)


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