Cleaning systems

Clean, preserve and recover process fluids

Brings cost reduction

  • No consumption of filter aids
  • Very high degree of cleaning
  • Reuse of the liquids, thus multiple service life increase
  • Low disposal costs due to low residual moisture of the separated solids
  • Reduced wear on tools and machines

Gentle to people and the environment

  • Reduction of bacteria formation, thus avoiding skin diseases and odor nuisance
  • Reduced consumption of fresh water, oils and chemicals
  • No disposal costs of filter aids

Statutory solutions for one or more machines

RUMA centrifuges

Complete cooling lubricant cleaning systems for continuous liquid cleaning. Stationary installation next to the production plant. These systems consist of a centrifuge, dirt and pure liquid containers, as well as various pumps, control and additional units. The dirty liquid usually flows into the dirt tank of the cleaning system at a free gradient. The lifting pump supplies the centrifuge. The dirt particles are separated out in the centrifuge and the cleaned liquid is fed into the clean container. The system pumps in the clean tank supply the production plants. The systems can be equipped with additional units such as magnetic separators for coarse particles and cooling units for constant medium temperatures.

Large and central plants for the supply of several production plants. Custom-built for filter capacities up to 1000 l/min. These systems consist of several centrifuges, dirt and pure liquid containers, as well as various pumps, control systems and additional units such as magnetic separators, cooling units, refilling and dosing systems.

Aro band filter systems

With the ARO belt filters, process or processing liquids, such as emulsions, can be efficiently cleaned of the solids they contain. The unique deep filter bed allows a higher liquid level than with conventional flat bed belt filters. The deflection on the discharge side is set higher, resulting in a drying section... Therefore, a very compact filter cake can be built up with our belt filter in combination with a high-performance filter fleece. This combination results in an excellent filtration result with low consumption of filter fleece and smallest possible liquid discharge.
ISELI uses belt filter technology primarily for handling emulsion. The ARO systems are suitable for one or more machines.

Mobile solutions for one or more machines

Mobile RUMA centrifuge

Mobile cleaning centrifuges of the AS type series are preferably used at production plants with individual cooling lubricant containers. Due to their compact design, they can be conveniently driven to the respective containers. These units operate in bypass mode, the production plants can continue to run without stopping. A suction pump draws the liquid from the existing tank and feeds the centrifuge. In the centrifuge, the dirt particles are separated out and the cleaned liquid is returned directly to the tank.

Depending on the concentration of fine contaminants, the system can be used for several hours or days on a production line before it is then moved to the next machine.

Belki deep bed filter

Customers who want to clean several machines and still remain flexible rely on a mobile centrifuge. Our products are equipped with quick connectors so that the mobile centrifuge can be connected easily and quickly.

ISELI uses this system as soon as emulsion is used as cooling lubricant.