Professional sharpening machine for saw & machine chains

ISELI ANAB X5 Schärfraum geschlossen, Schärfraum offen mit Kettenspanneinrichtung

The ANAP X5 sharpening machine marks the next level of performance, flexibility and precision in chain sharpening.

With the ANAP X5, almost all chain types can be sharpened without any modification, e. g. machine chains with 15 / 20 mm / 3/4" pitch, carbide-tipped chains as well as all common power-saw and harvester chains. Individual adjustment options also allow the sharpening of special chains or special sharpening angles. The integrated water cooling (X5 pro) enables significantly longer service life and an optimum grinding pattern for the chains.

The sharpening program and the length of the chain are selected and the sharpening process is monitored using the touch screen control. Cutting teeth and depth gauge are ground in a single operation with special CBN grinding wheels. The machine automatically recognizes if the teeth are right or left and swivels in the appropriate direction: the sharpening process is not interrupted even if the tooth sequence is irregular.

Professional sharpening technology at an attractive price for sharpening services, garden appliance retailers and much more.

incl. 1x left/right sensor finger each (ca.)
(please indicate machine no. & type)

Drive: Electro-pneumatic
Motor:   0.75 kW, frequency controlled
Control: PLC-based with touch screen, fully automatic or step-by-step
Water cooling: fully integrated, including tank with pump  325", 3/8", 404", 3/4"
Chain pitch: 15 mm scratcher, chipper, carbide-tipped chains
                   : 20 mm scratcher and chipper chains
Driving link strength: 1.1 – 3.0 mm
Sharpening angle: 0°-40°
Top plate angle: 0°-35°
Compressed air: 6 bar / 10 l/min
Functions: Adjustable grinding speed (3 levels), automatic tooth gap control 404"
Lifting speed: adjustable
Accessories: CBN grinding wheel:
Dimensions: 25x194x45 cm (with stand)