Blade-tension measuring device

Blade-tension measuring device for bandsaw and gang saw blades


This robust, inexpensive precision measuring instrument should not be missing in any wood, plastic or metal processing company. The tension measurement of the leading and trailing edge of the blade is carried out reliably, purely mechanically, without any additional expensive and sensitive electronic accessories.

Clamp the blade, enter the optimum blade tension value via the large adjustment screw, which is easy to operate even with a glove - done. The blade tension can be reliably controlled and adjusted via the precision dial gauge in millimeters or inches.

Blade tension in practice
The correct blade tension is critical for the precision and cleanliness of the cut as well as for the blade's lifetime. Excessive blade tension may lead to cracks and fractures as well as damage to the blade guide rollers on the machine. Too weak tension causes the saw blade to slip and jam.

Tried and tested blade tension values for different applications.

    • For all pad-saw and metal hacksaw blades
    • Robust, lightweight and compact
    • Temperature independent, for any operating environment
    • No expensive electronic accessories are necessary
    • Always ready for use
    • High precision
    • Good readability of the precision dial gauge
    • Easy operation even with work gloves
    • Longer service life of the saw blade
    • Longer service life of the blade guide rollers
    • Perfect blade tension - perfect cutting results