BNA 100

Fully automatic Stellite tipping machine for equipping saw teeth by plasma welding process



  • High quality, robust and state-of-the-art stelite tipping machine in plasma welding process. 
  • Processing of band, circular, frame and mini frame saws possible.
  • Stable and centred machine construction. Robust, precise and low-vibration.
  • Welding unit, cooling and optional annealing station are integrated in the machine. 
  • Encapsulated machine - welding fumes can be extracted by suction.
  • Simple operation and handling. 
  • Easy repair of broken teeths.
  • Burner adaptation to the operating conditions (two burner types for optimum adaptation to the saw dimensions).
  • Annealing of the welding connection with the torch, or optionally with a high-frequency annealing device.
  • Operation with monogas and bigas possible. 
  • CNC controlled axis for stellite feeding and positioning. 
  • High process reliability.
  • Central motorized saw blade height adjustment. 
  • Automatic stelliting machine in plasma welding process:
    - Homogeneous connection with the raw material.
    - Shorter grinding times / lower grinding wheel consumption.
    - Use of low-cost stellite.
    - Higher stelliting speed.
    - Highest economic efficiency.
    - Designed for rod and wire Stellite. 
  • Precise shaping of the incisors by means of mould jaws.


  • DIN EN ISO 12100:2010
    Safety of machinery, general principles for design
  • DIN EN 60204-1:2014-10
    Safety of machinery, electrical equipment of machines
  • DIN EN 13857:2008-06
    Safety of machinery, safety distances
  • DIN EN 13218:2002+A1:2004+AC:2010
    Tool machines, safety for stationary grinding machines

Operation and Handling

The BNA 100 is tipping your band, gang and circular saw blades in plasma welding process. The plasma welding process with an inert gas guarantees a very strong connection between the stellite and the body.

In addition to sophisticated technology, the BNA 100 is characterized by its robust design, ease of operation and price-performance ratio. The high availability and operational reliability of the machine makes it the best possible stellite tipping machine for all applications, be it in the sawmill, sharpening service or saw production. 

  • Grinding dust extraction 
  • High frequency annealing station 
  • Monitoring of the annealing temperature (pyrometer)
  • Equipment for bandsaws, circular saws, gang saws & mini gang saws 
  • Equipment for double toothed band saw blades 
  • Auxiliary backfeeder, loading system on lateral blade support
  • Program for Vario toothing
  • Electrodes grinding device
  • Remote Access
 Hook angle:  10° - 40°
 Band Saws  
 Tooth pitch:  10 - 100 mm
 Blade length:  from 6'000 mm
 Blade width Standard:  100 - 360 mm
 Blade width Option:  from 35 mm (upon request)
 Blade thickness:  from 0,6 mm
 Connection load without annealing:  6,3 kVA / 5,0 kW
 Connection load with annealing:  8,5 kVA / 7,1 kW
 Compressed air:  6 bar, 30l/min
 Weight:  approx. 1350 kg