GNP 100

Machine for automatic profile sharpening of gang saw blades controlled with 2 CNC axes in wet grinding

Gatterschleifmaschine GNP 100


  • Highest precision of sharpening without limitation
  • Pneumatic saw blade clamping at the complete blade length
  • Precision spindle height adjustment for the blade width
  • Fully enclosed protection hood with powerful water cooling 
  • Tooth shape CN controlled by W + Y-axes
  • Driven by servo motors
  • Use of linear roller guides for all CNC axes (stiffer engineering and significantly increased lifetime) 
  • Operation by colored touch screen
  • Extensive grinding programs
  • Tooth shapes retrievable from the control unit (standard memory for 99’999 tooth shapes) 
  • Metric or imperial measurement system selectable (mm or Inch)
  • 4 Grinding-speeds, individually programmable over the complete tooth shape
  • Speed regulator for grinding wheel
  • Grinding-wheel flange 
  • Corundum grinding-wheel Ø 350 / 8 x 32 mm
  • 1 set of Tools / 1 cleaning kit


  • Grinding of standard tooth forms
  • Grinding of variable tooth forms
  • Grinding of the winter tooth
  • Alternating grinding on the tooth face and the tooth back
  • Grinding in several passes on the stationary tooth possible
  • Automatic probing of the tool zero point with acoustic sensor
Tooth shape:freely programmable
Tooth pitch:5 - 60 mm
Tooth height:up to 30 mm
Front rake angle:0° - 25°
Blade width:80 - 180 mm 
Blade length (toothed length):up to 1500 mm 
Grinding wheel:Ø 350 mm 
Grinding wheel bore:Ø 32 mm 
Grinding wheel Motor:2,2 kW
Power requirement:400V 3Ph N, 50Hz, 2,4kVA
Air connection:6 bar
Coolant tank:170 l
  • CNC controlled dressing device 
  • Grinding mist exhaust 
  • Automatic probing of the saw tooth by means of an impact sound sensor 
  • Grinding programs (grinding of the frame saw neck) 
  • Tooth shape construction program “Tooth Shape Studio 3.0“ 
  • Remote maintenance