MEC 391

Automatic leveling machine

ISELI MEC 391, Vollautomatische Planiermaschine


  • Leveling by rolls: 2 pressure rolls and 2 counter rolls
  • Double-face treatment in only one passage
  • Intelligent programmable controller with digital recording for all cycles and operations
  • Operating speed: 10 m/minute
  • 1 Roller guide below
  • 1 sensor (ruby)
  • 1 set of tools

Machine directives:

  • DIN EN ISO 12100:2010; Safety of machinery, general principles for design
  • DIN EN 60204-1:2014-10; Safety of machinery, electrical equipment of machines
  • DIN EN 13857:2008-06; Safety of machinery, safety distances
  • DIN EN 13218:2002+A1:2004+AC:2010; tool machines, safety for stationary grinding machines

The timber cut in the sawmill is always associated with precision tools. The machine is robust, functional and is convincing with a high functionality and excellent cost-performance ratio.

Band saw blades “hills and valleys” are detected by the MECOMAT”s computerized encoder which immediately signals into action two strategically located upper and lower convex and concave levelling rolls that quickly and accurately level the band saw blade.

The electronic control with digital display can be programmed individually. The band saw blades are in accordance with their leaf thickness and elasticity processed until the results match the desired result or the specified tolerances.

Blade width:50 - 300 mm
Blade thickness:0,8 - 2,0 mm
Blade length standard:5'800 - 14'000 mm
Blade length option:from 4'300 mm
Working speed:10 m/min.
  • Equipment for short band saw blades
  • Equipment for double cut band saw blades
  • Equipment for heavy band saw blades