MVM ZX 1000 / 1230

Grinders for straight blades for sharpening chipper knives (for wood chipping machines) and blades for recycling (plastic granulating knives)

The ZX model grinder is available in two versions: with a grinding length of either 1000 mm or 1230 mm.


  • Cast iron machine bed
  • Grinding motor 1,5 kW (2 HP) - 2800 RPM
  • Automatic downfeed grinding head with automatic stop at preset height
  • Tilting head to grind hollow surfaces
  • Carriage run guides covered with replaceable hardened steel guides90° rotating knife-mounting chuck
  • Coolant pump
  • Chain driven carriage
  • Supplied with stepped blocks to grind 4 overlapping planer blades simultaneously
Grinding length1000 mm1000 mm
Chuck width100 mm100 mm
Grinding wheel motor power1,5 kW1,5 kW
Grinding wheel speed2800 rpm2800 rpm
Clearance between grinding wheel and chuck 30 mm30 mm
Grinding wheel diameterØ127 / Ø150 mmØ127 / Ø150 mm
Minimum parital downfeed0,01 mm0,01 mm
Carriage speed adjustable1/11 m/min1/11 m/min
Overall machine dimensions1900x560x1500 mm  2050x560x1500 mm
  • Machine base
  • Magnetic chuck
  • Grinding motor 2.2 kW (3 HP) with grinding wheel speed 2800 rpm, grinding wheel 127mm diameter
  • Variable carriage speed 1-11 m/min
  • Edge reference alignment bar
  • External coolant tank with pump
  • Switch for run adjustment
  • Clamping device for Tersa, Centrofix, Terminus, Kanefusa, Sinus, Weinig knives
  • Magnetic chuck for hard metal inserts