Automatic welding table for band saws

Heating system

Designed to weld bandsaw blades, Optimig is made up of an electrical preheating and tempering system allowing for improved temperature control to avoid overhardening of the steel. To ensure even heating, the block is equipped with four clamping points with closing of the jaws from above for partial welding (cracks). The small heating width reduces the impact of the weld on the levelling of the blade.

All-in-one system

The workspace is optimised by integrating the cutting and grinding station, thus reducing blade handling. The geometry of the weld is guaranteed thanks to the independent table adjustment system as well as the alignment of the top with
the «back» rules.

Length:from 6 m up to 15 m
Width:from 0 mm up to 360 mm
Torch travel speed:2 m/min
MIG source power:400 - 415 V. 3~50/60Hz 120 A
Type of gas used:MIG - ARGON
Filler metal wire:0.6 to 1 mm depending on material
Vitesse de dévidage fil : 1 up to 17 m / min
Machine weight:352 kg