R410-R510 / WVB360

Levelling bench and rolling machine for manual straightening and tensioning of band and gang saw blades

ISELI R 410 / WVB 360, Manuelle Richtbank und Walzmaschine


The dressing bench R510 and roller unit WVB360 lets you straighten and tension band and gang saw blades up to a width of 360 mm . A robust design, perfect results, simple operation and a high level of safety were key priorities in the development of this machine, and pay high dividends in day-to-day operation. The loading of the saw blade has been simplified in that the upper part of the rolling unit no longer has to be opened and closed, and the rolling pressure can be accurately regulated via the large, ergonomic clamping lever. The device also boasts a range of practical details as follows: A large anvil plate in wear-free tool steel with vibration dampers, practical storage areas for measuring and machining tools, an integrated light box for inspecting the top straightness and extendable roller carriers. 

Highlights Levelling bench

Levelling bench for saw blades of 6 to 12 m of length, consisting of:

  • 5 supports with rollers
  • 4 movable deflection rollers
  • 1 Adjustable counter roll
  • 5 additional rollers with rest for the wooden table wooden part complete

Highlights rolling machine

  • MIG process; welding with inert gas
  • Flexible welding plate for welding of different angles: 90°, 75° and 60°
  • Preheating and annealing on the same welding space
  • Temperature adjustable by Thermostat
R4106.0 - 10.0 M

9.0 - 12.0 M

Blattbreiteabhängig Ambossblatte
Variante 1220 x 1000 x 60 mm
Blattbreitebis 230 mm
Variante 2700 x 270 x 60 mm
Blattbreitebis 300 mm
Verstellbereichca. 380 mm
Walzgeschwindigkeitauf Wunsch
Elektrische Anschlusswerte:      
Spannung400V, 3PH, 50Hz
  • Stoppeinheit für Räumerschneiden (bei Kreissägen)
  • Ersatz Spannrollen
  • Ständer
  • Halogen-Maschinen-Leuchte
  • Richtlineale / Haarlineal
  • Kreuz- und Ballhammer
  • Ambossplatte