Trapezoidal / round rods and wire stellite


Trapezoidal stellite for ISELI machines

 4.STE05.1100Stellite T 12 - 2.5 mm 
 4.STE05.1101Stellite T 12 - 3.0 mm 
 4.STE05.1102Stellite T 12 - 3.5 mm 
 4.STE05.1103Stellite T 12 - 4.0 mm 
 4.STE05.1104Stellite T 12 - 4.5 mm 
 4.STE05.1105Stellite T 12 - 5.0 mm 
 4.STE05.1106Stellite T 12 - 5.5 mm 
 4.STE05.1107Stellite T 12 - 6.0 mm 

Stellite rods densified

 4.STE05.1001Stellite rod Ø 5.0 mm, densified 
 4.STE05.1002Stellite rod Ø 4.0 mm, densified 
 4.STE05.1003Stellite rod Ø 6.4 mm, densified 
 4.STE05.1003Stellite rod Ø 8.0 mm, densified 

Stellite rods for ISELI BNA / Vollmer GPA

 4.STE05.1010Stellite Rod 2.4 x 2000 mm 
 4.STE05.1011Stellite Rod 3.2 x 2000 mm 

Stellite wire for ISELI BNA / Vollmer GPA

4.STE05.1009Stellit Draht T1 // Coil Ø1.6 mm
4.STE05.1008Stellit Draht T12 // Coil Ø1.6 mm
4.STE05.1007Stellit Draht T12 // Coil Ø2.0 mm

The operational time of a wood bandsaw blade can be increased considerably by tipping the teeth with wear-resistant alloys such as stellite. This is especially evident in sawing hard woods, but is today also used in the processing of softer woods like fir and pine.

The stellite-tipped teeth give better surface finishes and considerably longer operational times. It is vital, however, that the grinding work is carried out correctly, preferably by using wet-grinding machines and suitable grinding wheels. To utilise the properties of stellite in full, the basic steel material for the bandsaw must be of the highest quality to achieve a longer uninterrupted sawing operation.

Stellite is an alloy which consists mainly of cobalt. According to the composition of the alloy there is a number of different stellite grades with varying mechanical properties. For sawing wood, the stellite grade No. 12 has proved the best solution.

It consists of 52% cobalt, 30% chromium, 9% wolfram and 1.8% carbon, with a hardness of 47 - 51 HRC. Although stellite has a lower hardness than cemented carbide (70 - 80 HRC), stellite grade No. 12 is very wear resistant, not very brittle and it can be ground without problems.

In some cases stellite grade No. 1 is used, a very hard stellite which is preferred for sawing wood with extremely high silicon compound contents such as some exotic wood types in Africa and South East Asia. Stellite tipping of bandsaw blades is today carried out almost exclusively by automated machines, notably in Europe and North America, but manual stellite tipping is still preferred in many other parts of the world.