Tooth Tracing System (TTS)

for the automatic detection of a saw tooth shape

Tooth Tracing – the new technology in saw tooth construction

Programming tooth shapes is still a major challenge for many customers. The ISELI Tooth Tracing System (TTS) can help! The tooth shape can be probed automatically by an acoustic sensor and saved as a tooth shape. The data obtained are then used for sharpening in the recipe. Parameters such as clearance angle and tooth height are automatically determined and saved by the program.

This process enables the exact reproduction of existing tooth shapes directly on the machine without great effort. Inaccuracies are also copied, which means that the removal and thus the costs can be reduced to a minimum, even if the profile is not precisely defined. In addition, inaccuracies on the grinding wheel are compensated for when probing and enable absolutely precise grinding of the profile, even with a worn grinding wheel.

Tooth shapes generated on a system using TTS can be read in other ISELI machines of the BNP series.

Tooth Tracing Operation - simple and intuitive

  • Start the programme:
    Press the button --> Grinding wheel starts
  • Tooth Tracing Start:
    Press the button --> Activate the Tooth Tracing symbol
  • Tooth Tracing Stop:
    Press the button.
  • Save tooth shape:
    Activate folder with arrow pointing inwards. 
  • Tooth shape saved:
    Activate folder with double arrow pointing inwards.
  • Neue Zahnform ist gespeichert und kann in ein Rezept oder in verschiedenen Rezepten zur individuellen Verwendung eingepflegt werden.

Video presentation

Tooth Tracing Advantages:

  • Tracing and measurement of every tooth shape on band and circular saw blades
  • User-friendly - no previous CAD knowledge required
  • No external tooth construction programme necessary
  • Saves the traced tooth form directly to the sharpening machine
  • Loss-free grinding, 1:1 according to saw blade
  • Independent of the shape of the grinding wheel
  • Effective time saving as tooth construction is no longer necessary