In the face of the constant competitive pressure in production and the related individual and quick adaptations to saw tooth variants, our customers can rely on maximum flexibility. The ISELI TOOTH SHAPE STUDIO 3.0 software for designing simple and complex tooth shapes is the ideal instrument to meet these requirements. This also includes the possibility of arranging a winter tooth in the tooth face, in front of the tooth face and in the tooth gullet.

The tooth shape can be designed quickly and efficiently by drawing or defining it on a real image of the tooth (photo). The tooth geometry is adjusted by entering individual values or by changing the tooth geometry with the mouse. Corrections and adjustments are displayed in real time. This enables immediate visual monitoring.

Simple operation

The tooth shape is divided into different zones for programming. This division makes programming significantly easier. It also helps to quickly determine geometrically a tooth shape if you do not know the dimensions of the tooth yet.

Composition of tooth geometry

Saw tooth geometry:
Clearance angle
S Cutting angle
R1 Radius at the tooth face
R2 Connection radius between R1 and R3
R3 Radius at tooth gullet
R4 Connection radius between R3 and R5
R5 Radius at tooth back


Advantages of the ISELI TOOTH SHAPE STUDIO 3.0 

  • Simple construction of tooth geometries
  • Freely machinable radii
  • CAD and photo files can be integrated efficiently with the photo tool
  • The grinding wheel profile is programmable for dressing of the grinding wheel
  • All control technologies, including older ISELI models, are supported