Sharpening solutions for circular saws


Circular saw blades for wood, aluminum, plastics and metals must be re-sharpened at regular intervals. Blunted teeth lead to incorrect cuts and heavy loads on the saw blade, resulting in damage and breakage. When re-sharpening, the speed of the work steps, with the same precision, has top priority in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the grinding room. ISELI sharpening machines achieve this in profile and side grinding by complete machining of the stationary tooth in one passage. The perfect processing of carbide-tipped circular saw blades requires complex work steps in order to perform the very different cuts of profiles and sides.

ISELI modular machine solutions meet these requirements effectively with automatic and fully automatic, CNC-controlled sharpening machines using state-of-the-art machine and system control technology. With maximum productivity, they ensure that sharpening is more profitable for tool manufacturers, sawmills, woodworking, plastics and metalworking companies.

Machine design: perfect Swiss precision, durable machine construction and user-friendly thanks to ISELI large-area door concept, to ISELI KHB top and face grinders and to the KHF side grinders. The design of the machine control system is conceived for extensions according to future requirements.