ISELI-Machining solutions for band and frame saws. Sharpen, process and maintain

With the world's largest range of specialized sharpening and processing machines for all common band and gang saw blades, we set standards in terms of precision, safety and efficiency. Our modular machine solutions implement these key factors effectively and practically. They ensure high product quality and valuable cost advantages in the long term!

Precise sharpening, Stellite tipping, straightening and tensioning, levelling, swaging and measuring: this is what counts in the precision machining of saw blades. With ISELI state-of-the-art machine and control technology, this is achieved effectively and with high quality. Our solutions ensure that, with maximum productivity, the filing rooms of tool manufacturers, sawmills and wood, plastic and metal processing companies achieve efficiency and precision.

Our sharpening and machining skills for band and frame saws

At home in precision! Anyone who wants to get their tools for the perfect cut quickly and with high precision, even under pressure, needs - especially when safety and reliability are required - uncomplicated all-round talents with perfect technology. ISELI stands for real passion when it comes to the perfect filing room. As the world market leader in the field of processing machines for band and frame saw blades, we offer our customers around the world practical quality products.