Our Stellite tipping machines for Band, gang and circular saws

Precision tooth by tooth! For the tipping of the teeth of band saw blades with Stellite, we offer the ultimate solutions for every welding process, whether plasma or resistance welding. Our products succeed with precision, ease of use and an excellent price-performance ratio. Thanks to the increased stability of Stellite saw blades, especially when cutting hard, abrasive types of wood such as mahogany, teak, oak and types of wood with siliceous components, our Stellite machines are part of the basic equipment of sawmills, furniture manufacturers, as well as sharpening service providers and saw manufacturers.
As a system provider with the world's largest range of specialized sharpening and processing machines for all common band saw blades, we set standards in terms of precision, safety and efficiency. Our modular machine solutions implement these key factors effectively and practically and thus ensure long-term product quality and cost advantages over competitors!