ISELI Sharpening room planning: Efficient, economical and future-proof

1. The idea
We create an individual system profile together. This includes space, sharpening tasks and the clarification of all necessary requirements such as the integration of existing machines and much more.

2. Development of a solution
On the basis of the plant profile, we develop a first solution for your requirements. We will show you the possibilities that we as practitioners consider realizable by means of 3D planning examples based on your place requirements.

3. Preparation of specifications
In the specifications we will define together in a detailed description which current and future requirements for sharpening and processing machines and software have to be taken into account. At the same time, the specifications provide answers to the "how" of the realization.

4. Engineering
In the course of planning and visualizing of complex machining processes, we identify possible gaps or weaknesses in the machining processes and in the incorporation of existing machines.



  • Everything from a single source, from project development to project management
  • Transparency of tasks and feasibility in terms of time and costs
  • High quality of the machines and their machining processes
  • Future-proof for upcoming requirements thanks to the modular ISELI machine design
  • High reliability thanks to the comprehensive ISELI service all over the world