Thode Knife & Saw

316 Te Ngae Road, Ngapuna
Rotorua 3010

Thode Knife & Saw Ltd is a New Zealand owned company that has well over 70 years experience servicing and supplying industrial knives and saws to a wide variety of industries. Thode has built up a formidable knowledge base over this time. We have qualified sawdoctors who have many years of experience individually that can assist with your sawshop needs. Our consultants can help with any cutting or tooling problems you may have. They are also well qualified to advise on tooling upgrade and replacement.

Thode Knife & Saw Ltd operates in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the Pacific Islands and is the largest business of this type in Australasia. The staff and management at Thode are understandably proud of the levels of service and backup that they can offer to their customers. A serious investment programme in new machinery now sees Thode having the latest "state of the art" computer numerically controlled and robotic manufacturing and servicing capability. This allows Thode to offer unsurpassed levels of accuracy and consistency when manufacturing and servicing bandsaws, circular saws and guillotine blades plus many other cutting tools.