Handling automation for efficient, fully automatic complete machining of circular saw blades

For companies, saw blade manufacturers or processors of a wide variety of carbide-tipped circular saw blade types and diameters, our robot-assisted handling system offers the optimal, economical automation solution with hardware and software from a single source in the smallest of spaces: from the blade loading to the fully automatic flank grinding by our KHF automatic grinders and/or our KHB geometry grinding machine for face and back. The loading of up to 80 blades per stack is carried out by one person with four or five loading carriages in the robot take-up area and in the stacking area.

High-tech for flexible and careful blade handling

The blade take-up and the precise, sensor-controlled transfer to the sharpening machine as well as the stacking are carried out by a 6-axis-control industrial robot with a blade-friendly, sensor-controlled gripper system. The possibility of setting in advance different blade-specific programs saves operating personnel, which is extremely important with the current shortage of personnel.
The innovative handling system solution can also be combined with third-party machines, such as a blade cleaning machine or a machining center.


  • Safe and easy handling of carbide-tipped circular saw blades
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • Simple, central operation via an intuitive touch panel
  • Can be individually extended with regard to the number of loading carriages and sharpening machines 6-axis-control industrial robot
  • Extremely fast loading and unloading times without time-consuming empty runs
  • For 4 or 5 loading carriages
  • Up to 80 saw blades can be loaded in each carriage (depending on the size of the blades)
  • Individual data input of different blade sizes
  • Blade-friendly, sensor-controlled gripper system
  • Scraper detection
  • Precise, sensor-controlled blade transfer and take-up
  • Can be flexibly adapted to customer-specific requirements
  • Any access via peripheral devices possible (tablet, PC, telephone)