KMU 100

Fully automatic, 8-axis-control universal grinding machine for circular saws up to 1,800 mm in diameter

The KMU 100 expertise

Innovation from ISELI! The KMU 100 has been equipped with numerous new technology highlights. It completely grinds carbide-tipped circular saws with a diameter range of 300 to 1800 mm. The machine controls a total of eight CNC axes. Three of them are primarily used for saw blade positioning and feed, the remaining five are used for the movement of the grinding head. The grinding head is the heart of the machine. It consists of a water-cooled grinding spindle and corresponding sensors to ensure process reliability.

The grinding spindle has two shaft ends. The face and back grinding wheel is mounted on one end, the two grinding wheels for flank and chip groove grinding on the other. This means that a total of three grinding wheels are driven. The sensors include a 3D measuring probe, with which the saw teeth can be measured precisely, and a sound sensor that carries out the sawtooth probing in automatic mode. In addition, the KMU 100 has wear compensation for the front and back grinding wheels.

In cooperation with our experienced process technicians, new sawtooth geometries were developed, especially in the field of metal saws, which set standards in terms of service life and reliability. In order to grind these sawtooth geometries, a high degree of precision and accuracy is required! A sophisticated operating system is available for the operator to enter the complicated sawtooth geometries, which can be operated intuitively and quickly. Recipes are created for the individual saw blades, which can be saved and recalled at any time. This can be done in parallel with the grinding process. A big advantage! This way there is no downtime during input.

The fully automatic grinding processs

Grinding is basically carried out in the sequence shown in the figure below. Individual processes can be switched on or off individually. If desired, the machine can take over the entire grinding process: from measuring the actual condition of the saw blade to logging the control measurement.

Technical Data

Tooth pitch:6 – 135 mm
Tooth height:bis 40 mm
Blade thickness / body:bis 11 mm
Cutting width:bis 13 mm
Front rake angle:-20° bis +35°
Chip breaker facility0 - 10°
Grinding wheels: 
Tooth face / tooth back:200 mm
Side grinding:100 / 125 mm
Chip breaker100 / 125 mm
Circular blades:  
Outer Diameter Ø:300 - 1‘800 mm
Bore diameter Ø:100 mm (Standard)
Power requirements: 
1 Grinding motor1.5 KW
Coolant pump1.1 KW
Electrostatic exhaust0.40 KW
Grinding mist exhaust0.75 KW
Air supply6 bar

Circular saw blade handling

The machine works as a closed system and does not require any additional peripheral devices. For handling the large and correspondingly heavy circular saw blades, however, the machine can be combined with handling systems such as a simple crane or robot equipment.

Highlights of the KMU 100 Universal grinding machine

  • The grinding process: all in one go. Thanks to the unique machine concept, all processing steps can be carried out reliably in just one machine. Accordingly, downtimes and setup times are reduced to a minimum.
  • Innovative operating concept. The input of the complicated sawtooth geometries is graphics-supported and provides the operator with valuable visual support. In addition, settings and process variables are easily and clearly displayed on a touch panel.
  • Extensive know-how in the field of metal saws. Our expertise in the field of process technology extends far beyond grinding geometries. For example, we can support our customers in the sawing process to increase service life and reliability.
  • Professional processing of saw blade repair. Repairs are a troublesome issue, especially on large circular saw blades with many saw teeth. Thanks to the integrated measuring system, our machine offers the possibility of autonomous recognition of the tooth to be repaired, which is then ground accordingly. This is carried out without any external input or manual positioning of the saw blade.
  • Simple, open design for interconnection options. The heavy circular saws hardly allow ergonomic, healthy work for the operator. Thanks to the open design of the housing front with automatic door, loading can be carried out from the front or from above by means of a handling system.
  • Process security. Thanks to integrated systems such as the grinding wheel compensation, the control measurements during the grinding process or the overload protection of the grinding spindle, maximum process reliability and grinding quality are guaranteed.