Sharpening solutions for chisels and hand tools

Thousands of times proven in practice

In addition to highly effective sharpening machines for band, gang and circular saw blades, ISELI offers craft businesses, joineries, carpentries and carpentry workshops tried and tested sharpening machines for chisels, tools and knives. By using a serrated grinding wheel (optional) with the knife sharpening machine, serrated knives such as steak knives, bread knives and table knives can also be professionally sharpened. .

The ISELI sharpening machine for hand tools consists of a high-quality, heavy-duty basic motor with swivelling sharpening device on the right flange side and grinding stand for grinding wheel or buffing wheel on the left side including extension mandrel.

Sharpening machine for chisels

with dry sharpening principle proven thousands of times: threadless, burr-free sharpening in 30 seconds